What is Lethal Weapons Texas?
Think about your favorite 80's and 90's good guy/bad guy gun movies.  You know, the ones you grew up watching and still watch today, locked and loaded with your buddies?  Heat, Beverly Hills Cop, Terminator, Red Dawn, Aliens, Mad Max, Die Hard, Predator, Commando, Rambo, First Blood, RoboCop, Total Recall, Goldeneye, Escape from New York... Got your attention?

Now imagine a festival that celebrates this great era of action movies and retro style in firearms. This is where we come into play. The Kalash Bash Texas team, along with Sons of Liberty Gun Works, are proud to officially announce a collaborative effort to produce the greatest retro gun festival in the country. Lethal Weapons Texas, and it is coming March 11-12th to Eagle Lake, Texas.

Lethal Weapons Texas is a once-a-year gathering of likeminded patrons, vendors, and competitors at one of the most exclusive private venues in Texas, The Ranch TX Club. Our festivals follow the same format every time: Big Main Event, 8-Stage Match, and Campground Afterparty. Here are the basics to help you decide how to participate this year...

Looking to make friends, meet vendors, and experience all of the exciting new (and old) products hitting the marketplace? Need an excuse to dust off your favorite bad guy larp? Then, purchase a General Admission ticket to the Main Event.  General Admission tickets give spectators full weekend access to Live Fire Bays, Vendor Bazaar, Food Trucks, Machine Gun Rentals, and more during Main Event Hours.

Looking to test your skill behind the trigger? Purchase a ticket to the Lethal Weapons Match and compete in a 2-Day, 8-Stage match hosted by Dissident Arms. Stages are fast paced, high round count, and best of all... we are shooting iron sight retro guns this time. (Leave your Gucci'd out race guns at home, grab that safe queen from the back of the safe for this weekend). Divisions include Battle Rifle, Carbine, and Sub Gun. After the match, enjoy all of the perks of the General Admission tickets at the Main Event.

Staying for the afterparty? Camp Kalashnikov tickets are limited and in high demand. Camping Passes permit guests to stay on-site for the entire weekend (Friday 3/10 - Sunday 3/12) The campground has it all... luxury bathrooms and shower trailers, food, campfires, live music and entertainment, and plenty of time to hang out with your co-conspirators.

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The Ranch TX Club
1021 Old Altair Road Eagle Lake, TX 77434
Date & Time
March 11, 2023 9:00AM-5:00PM
March 12, 2023 9:00AM-5:00PM
Sons of Liberty Gun Works
Khyber Customs
Third Pin Threads
Dissident Arms
The Ranch TX Club
Event F.A.Q.
General Admission - Main Event  
Ticket Price $99.99

General Admission Tickets will be available in Limited Quantities.  This ticket grants (1) attendee full weekend access to the Main Event.  Main Event activities include Live Fire Bays, Vendor Bazaar, Food Trucks & Facilities, Machine Gun Rentals, and eligibility to win prizes at the final Prize Ceremony.

What time does the Main Event gate Open & Close?
Main Event gate opens at 9:00AM and closes at 5:00PM, Saturday 3/11 and Sunday 3/12

What do I need to bring to gain access into the Main Event?
Upon entry into the venue, you will arrive at the Check-In Registration Tent. Our staff will verify your ID and event ticket and provide you with an electronic liability waiver to sign. Once verification is complete, our staff will issue you the appropriate event credentials and permit you into the Main Event gate. Lethal Weapons TX is an 18+ adult event, children 16+ are permitted to attend if accompanied by an adult. We recommend bringing your own ear & Eye protection if you wish to participate at any of the live fire bays.
*Pro Tip* This is an outdoor event, we recommend bringing sunblock, bug spray, and any weather specific attire.

Can I bring my own firearms and/or ammo to the event?
General Admission spectators are NOT permitted to being their own firearms or ammo into the Main Event. Many of our on-site vendors will have firearms, ammunition, and other products available for spectators to demo at the live fire bays. Concealed Carry is welcomed.
*If you are competing in the Lethal Weapons Match, you will be issued a chamber flag and permitted to access the competition shooting bays with your designated firearm, ammo, and competition regalia.

Will tickets be available to purchase on-site during the event?
No. Lethal Weapons TX is a private event and is expected to sell out. Spectators are not permitted into the venue without a pre-purchased event ticket.

Will there be food and facilities available on site?
We will have several food trucks on site over the weekend. We will also have A/C controlled luxury restroom trailers at the Main Event area.

How much does it cost to demo vendor provided firearms/ammo?
In most cases, vendors will not charge to demo products or firearms at the Live Fire Bays. We expect over 75,000 rounds of ammo to be sent down range by attendees during the event. Some vendors will have machine gun rentals or specialty firearms on site that are offered as a customer pay per shoot opportunity.

Will there be products available to purchase at the event?
Yes. We will have many vendors at the Vendor Bazaar tent that will have products available at special event pricing (while supplies last). We recommend having several forms of payment available for on-site purchases.

Am I eligible to win prizes at the final Prize Ceremony?
This year we will be giving away over $50,000 in vendor contributed products and firearms to event attendees. Prizes are allocated to competition podium winners, some are given away to volunteers & staff, and the rest are given away at random to attendees in the form of challenges or drawings. None of the vendor contributed products or firearms are kept by event hosts or producers, they all end up in the hands of paid attendees. Please note, this is not a raffle. Your event ticket purchase does not guarantee any prize or implied odds of being a prize winner.
Lethal Weapons Match
Ticket Price $269.99

Lethal Weapons Match tickets will be available in Limited Quantities.  This ticket grants (1) attendee full weekend access to the Main Event and Lethal Weapons Match.  Match Competitors have the option to purchase a ticket for the day(s) they would like to compete in the match: either full day Friday, or Saturday & Sunday AM/PM half days. Match Competitors that place in the top of their division are eligible to win prizes during the final Prize Ceremony.

What types of rifles are permitted in the match?
This is the most critical part of the Lethal Weapons Match. We are designing this match to revolve around iron sight 80's/90's retro movie guns. This means you can leave your open division race guns at home... All competition rifles must be in rifle configuration or have a brace installed to be accepted into the match. Please see "Approved Firearm List" below. We did our best to cover all of the major rifles, if you have questions concerning rifle eligibility or would like to request something not listed on the "Approved Firearm List", please send an email to [email protected] with subject line "Lethal Weapons TX - Firearm Approval".

How many stages is the Lethal Weapons Match?  What is the division structure?  Can I shoot the match twice or in multiple divisions?
The Lethal Weapons Match is an 8 Stage, two-day match hosted by Dissident Arms. The match takes place on Saturday 3/11 and Sunday 3/12, with an option to shoot the full match early on Friday 3/10. The weekend match structure allows competitors to complete 4 stages on Saturday 3/11 and 4 stages on Sunday 3/12 using an AM/PM rotation. For example, shooters that choose to shoot the Saturday/Sunday weekend match schedule will have the option to shoot SatAM/SunPM or SatPM/SunAM. Each shooter is eligible to purchase (1) competition ticket and can compete in only (1) division. Divisions are Retro Battle Rifle, Retro Carbine, and Retro Sub Gun, each division having a secondary classification for Retro-Mod. Rifles that have non-factory muzzle devices, barrel profile, sights, handguards, and/or stocks & grips will only qualify for the Retro-Mod classification. If you want to fly in the Retro Division, keep your rifle barebones stock.

What time does the early match start on Friday?  Saturday and Sunday?
The Friday schedule is an ALL DAY format, beginning at 8:00AM. The shooting scheduled for Saturday and Sunday is AM/PM. AM squads begin the match at 8:00AM, PM squads begin the match at 1:00PM. Gates will open at 7:00AM all 3 days for Match Competitors to arrive and prepare for the match to begin on time.

What is the round count? Any ammo restrictions?
Estimated round count for the match is 350 rounds, however we recommend budgeting for more ammo depending on your skill level. Steel core is not allowed, (ex. 7n6, chicom import, etc.) as it poses a hazard to other shooters and potential damage to targets. Bi-metal, steel cased is acceptable (ex. Tulammo, Wolf, Monarch, Bear, Barnaul, Red Army Standard, Golden Tiger, Yugo M67, and similar).

Where do I go to learn more about the match preparation, squadding, and scoring?
In the weeks leading up to the event, shooters will receive communication from Practiscore inviting them to select their shooting division & squad. There will be a window of opportunity for all shooters to complete these steps. All communication regarding the Lethal Weapons Match, including division, squads, and scoring are available through the Practiscore dashboard. The match director may also send out match updates or general communications thru the Practiscore dashboard.  We estimate match participants will begin to receive their invitations from Practiscore by the end of January.

When is the deadline to select my squad and division in Practiscore?
The deadline to make changes to your division and select a shooting squad is Friday 3/3. After that date, any pending shooters will be assigned a squad from the remaining open positions.

This is my first match. What do I need to bring to compete?
Klayco47 has a great series on Youtube that covers the basics of Competition shooting. We highly recommend first time competitors check his videos out.
10 Things YOU NEED at a match
What to Expect at a Shooting Competition

Will I have time to zero my rifle before the match begins?
You should plan to arrive to the match fully prepared to begin your stages on time. There will be limited time and availability for competitors to zero or test fire their firearms before the match.

Is Early Registration available for Match Competitors?
Early Registration will be open on Friday 3/10 between 12:00PM and 5:00PM for Saturday/Sunday Match Competitors. Saturday and Sunday shooters are invited to arrive on Friday and complete registration before their shooting squad begins. Competitors that are shooting on Friday will shoot the match first, then complete registration at Check-In on Saturday 3/11.
Camp Kalash  
Ticket Price $99.99

Camp Kalash tickets are available in limited quantities.  This ticket grants (1) Lethal Weapons Match or General Admission ticket holder full weekend and overnight access to the campground.  These are not available as stand-alone tickets.  Each camper is required to have their own Camp Kalash ticket along with either a Lethal Weapons Match or General Admission ticket.

What is dry camping?
Dry camping essentially means that you are setting up a tent in the designated camping area. Please note that vehicles will not be permitted in the designated camping area, however parking will be in close proximity within the campground.

What if it rains during the event?
Weather is unpredictable, especially in Texas. We do not offer any guarantee on what type of weather will occur during the event. In the event of heavy rains, campground parking will remain accessible for campers to stay dry in their vehicles if they wish. We recommend campers utilize local weather forecasting and prepare accordingly. Please see the Refund/Cancellation Policy for information regarding refunds or event cancellation.

Are attendees permitted to participate at Camp Kalash without a purchased Camp Kalash ticket?
Unfortunately, no. Out of respect for the campers and at the direction of the venue, Camp Kalash will only be accessible to attendees that purchased a camping ticket and are in possession of the appropriate camp credentials. The campground serves as lodging over the entire 3-day weekend and we want to respect the space and camp experience for those who paid for the opportunity to camp on site.

Is Early Registration available for campers?
Campers are invited to arrive as early as Friday 3/10 between 12:00PM and 5:00PM for Early Registration and are welcome to camp on-site over the entire weekend. The latest check out time for campers is Sunday 3/12 at 7:00PM.
*Please note, the gates to the venue close at 7:00pm. No new guests will be permitted into the venue until the following day. Please plan your trips accordingly if you are planning to arrive for Early Registration.

Will there be food and facilities available at the campground?
We will have A/C controlled restrooms and a luxury shower trailer on site over the entire weekend. Campers are encouraged to bring their own food and water and are permitted to safely maintain an elevated grill or firepit.  

Is there electricity at the campground?
The campground does NOT have any available electrical outlets for charging your personal items. We recommend bringing a car charger or portable power supply. Inverter generators are permitted, but must be turned off at lights out.

Is parking available for RVs?
There are a limited number of RV Passes available in the ticket options, they generally sell out pretty quick. These tickets are for the RV only, each camper is required to also purchase a Camp Kalash ticket. RVs will have a dedicated parking area in close proximity to the main campground and will include electric & water service.
Shoot House
Ticket Price $39.99

AK Shoot House tickets are available in limited quantities, (1) per attendee.  Each ticket grants (1) attendee a single pass to compete in the Shoot House.  These are not available as stand-alone tickets.  Each shooter is required to have their own LETHAL WEAPONS MATCH or GENERAL ADMISSION - Main Event ticket.

Do I need to bring firearms or ammo to this attraction?
No, firearms and ammo are provided by the stage hosts & sponsors. Rifles, Pistol caliber carbines, and shotguns will be available to attendees that participate.

When will squadding open up for Shoot House?
Once squadding opens for the Shoot House, eligible attendees will receive an invitation from Practiscore to select their shooting time. Attendees MUST select a squad/shooting time ahead of the event and will need to report to the Shoot House stage by that selected shooting time to complete the attraction. We recommend setting a personal reminder so that you do not miss your scheduled shooting time.

When is the deadline to select my squad in Practiscore?
The deadline to select a shooting squad is Friday 3/3. After that date, any pending shooters will be assigned a squad from the remaining open positions.
Refund/Cancellation Policy

All event ticket sales are FINAL.  No refunds, no exceptions.

Our top priority is to execute a safe event for all attendees, vendors, and staff. Our core objective is to deliver an exceptional festival experience that far exceeds the price of our tickets. Your ticket purchase is greatly appreciated and we hope that our event continues to exceed your expectations.

Lethal WeaponsTX is an outdoor rain or shine event, and we have prepared tents and fixtures to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience either way. That said, sometimes mother nature intervenes and events are forced to either cancel or reschedule.

If the event is cancelled: No action is required to obtain a refund, we will automatically issue a refund to the original method of payment used at the time of purchase.
If the event is postponed or rescheduled: Your ticket, including any upgrades, are still valid for the new date and no further action is required. If the event has been postponed for more than 60 days, and no rescheduled dates have been announced, we will automatically issue a refund to the original method of payment used at the time of purchase. We are not liable for travel or any other expenses that you or anyone else incurs in connection with a cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled event.
Ticket Transfers: All tickets are eligible for transfer until 5 days before the event, Monday March 6th, 2023.

By completing your ticket purchase, you agree and accept the terms of the Refund/Cancellation Policy outlined above. If you have any concerns or questions about this policy, please contact us via email before completing your purchase.  Please send all inquiries to [email protected]

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